What are the most efficient solar panels for 2020-2021

In this article we will show you how to recognize the most efficient solar panels, because there are many markets in the market, sometimes it becomes difficult

¿What are the most efficient solar panels for 2020-2021?

The issue of knowing which is the best photovoltaic panel is a complicated task since we are in times where technology behaves in an exponential curve, this means that the development of technology is very large in a short term and it is important to collect the Comments from hundreds of solar energy professionals in Mexico, For this we have compiled a list of the most popular and best quality solar panels from leading manufacturers.

As highlighted in our guide for choosing a quality and efficient solar panel, when it comes to selecting panels, higher costs generally equate to higher quality and reliability.

The solar panels of the major manufacturers listed below have shown superior performance to the cheapest, lower quality panels, and many of the lesser known “cheap” manufacturers are bankrupt or have been excluded from the list.

The best solar panel manufacturers

Here is our brief list of the best and most reliable panel manufacturers in the market, based on the company’s history, quality, real-world performance and the comments of solar industry professionals.

See the full list and details of the many innovations that are used to improve the efficiency, reliability and performance of the panel in the full review of solar panel technology.

More efficient solar panels 2019


Sunpower is the world leader in high-efficiency IBC solar cells that offer the best output power guarantee with a retained capacity of 92% after 25 years in both the E series and the X series, plus a 25-year warranty for manufacturers.

Although the high-performance IBC type N cells used in Sunpower panels are priced high. In North America, Sunpower panels, particularly the E series, are very popular and are one of the most reliable and high-performance panels available.

More efficient solar panels 2019

LG Energy

LG Energy is considered a world leading manufacturer with a range of high quality and high performance panels. As of May 2018, LG offers 25-year manufacturers and a performance guarantee on Neon 2 and Neon R modules, which use high-grade, long-lasting N-type cells.

LG’s premium panel range uses several industry-leading technologies, as Neon 2 multi-bar neon modules are one of the most popular high-end panels. See the full review of LG here.

More efficient solar panels 2019


Winaico is a relatively small volume manufacturer that offers a premium range of very high quality panels at reasonable prices. The well-known Winaico M6 PERC panels come with a 15-year warranty from manufacturers and are highly respected and trusted by installers who have a very good track record in terms of reliability and long-term performance in harsh conditions.

Winaico’s attention to detail and extremely strong frame design with corner inserts also put them ahead of many other manufacturers. The new generation of 330W PERC mono panels will be launched in early 2019.

More efficient solar panels 2019


REC manufactures cost-effective and quality panels that have proven very popular among installers, particularly the TwinPeak range of panels. As of January 2019, all REC TwinPeak and N-peak panels come with a standard product warranty of 20 years and reduced degradation rates, making it one of the best warranties on the market.

REC TwinPeak panels were the first to use half-cut cells in the split module format, which provided greater efficiency and better tone tolerance. The recently launched N-Peak range of high-efficiency panels that use N-type half-cut cells places REC among the industry leaders in high-performance modules. See the full review of REC here.

More efficient solar panels 2019

Q Cells

Hanwha Q cells is a well-known manufacturer of quality panels that offers a wide range of quality panels for all applications. The latest monocrystalline Q-cell panels are backed by a 12-year product warranty above average and improved long-term performance with a nominal capacity of 83% after 25 years.

The Q cells have a very wide range of panels from the mono and polycrystalline input level to the new Q. Peak Duo range that uses a half-cut cell with 6 bus bars to achieve an efficiency of up to 19.3%.

More efficient solar panels 2019

Solar trina

Trina solar is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world and is investing heavily in the new generation of low cost and high efficiency panels. The well-known range of Trina Honey panels from Trina solar is considered to be of high quality and very good value for money, particularly Honey M (monocrystalline) panels.

Trina Solar offers a very diverse range of panels, from cost-effective polycrystalline panels, efficient semi-closed cell panels and advanced bifacial panels. See the full review of Trina Solar here.

More efficient solar panels 2019


JinkoSolar is the largest Chinese manufacturer of solar panels by volume and produces a range of reliable and cost-effective panels. Jinko is one of the members of the Silicon Module Super League and has achieved several efficiency records over the years through his investment and research in new cellular technology.

JinkoSolar’s Eagle 60 (poly) and Eagle PERC 60 (mono) panel range is one of the most popular low-cost panels in the market with a good track record and support from local offices.

Other known manufacturers

Below is a brief list of other well-known manufacturers that offer a balance of good value and quality. The complete list of the top 10 manufacturers of Tindo solar panels and panels made in Australia is shown in the full article on solar cell technology, which includes:

JA Solar

Canadian Solar

LONGi Solar



Other quality manufacturers

There are other notable panel manufacturers that are very well regarded to produce reliable high quality panels. In addition to Panasonic, which is not yet available on xxxxxxx, most of them are new or we have very limited experience and comments from our solar energy specialists.


Solar phono


Yingli Solar

The most popular solar panels
In addition to the best manufacturers, there are some models that are favorites among our specialists and many installers due to a combination of quality, efficiency, performance and value for money. These panels are also very popular in the USA. UU. And in much of Europe, in particular the range of Sunpower, REC, LG and Q-cells modules.


More efficient solar panels 2019

LG Neon panels use high-efficiency N-type cells with advanced technology similar to PERC cells, along with thin wire busbar technology for cello to further improve efficiency and performance.

The Neon 2 range of 325W to 335W of power is now covered by a 25-year leading product warranty and a performance guarantee above the average of 86% of retained capacity after 25 years.

LG panels also have frames with very high wind load rates that make them one of the strongest panels on the market. See the full solar review of LG here.

See the full specifications of LG Neon 2 here.

Winaico M6 PERC

More efficient solar panels 2019

Winaico M6 PERC modules from 310 to 315W are highly appreciated by installers due to the extremely high build quality, excellent service and manufacturer’s warranty for 15 years. Winaico is a smaller manufacturer with a high reputation for reliability and performance backed by outstanding real-world results in test facilities. The Winaico panel range has extremely high strength frames that use extra deep aluminum extrusions and unique corner inserts for maximum rigidity.

See the full specifications of Winaico M6 here

REC TwinPeak 2

More efficient solar panels 2019

REC’s renowned range of TwinPeak panels with PERC cell technology uses half-cut cells in the split module format with the upper and lower sections combined in a central junction box. The medium-sized cell format increases efficiency and improves performance, especially in partial shade conditions. The new generation of REC N-peak panels takes the half-cut panel design to the next level using high-purity N-type silicon cells.

See the full specifications of REC TwinPeak here

Trina Solar Honey

More efficient solar panels 2019

The Trina Honey panel range has been a favorite among installers for many years. They offer high quality and very good value for money from a large and reliable manufacturer, along with good service. The recent Honey M plus range offers greater performance and efficiency compared to standard Honey panels that use monocrystalline (Mono PERC) * cells. See the complete Trina Solar review here.

See the specifications of Trina Honey M plus here

Q Cells Q. Peak Duo
Hanwha Q cells Duo G5 logos.jpg Hanwha Q cells
formerly known as Q cells founded in 1999 are rapidly gaining popularity as a medium to high level panel option for many solar installers, as the company launches new advanced modules, including the new Q. Peak Duo range of split-cell modules with 6 bar bars and up to 19.3% efficiency.

See the full specifications of the Q Q. Peak Duo-G5 cells here

Jinko Eagle PERC

More efficient solar panels 2019

JinkoSolar Eagle PERC monocrystalline panel range is one of the most popular low-cost panels available in the market that offers a good combination of quality and affordability.

PERC mono cells developed closely with UNSW in Australia use the common Passive Exciting Back Contact (PERC) technology that offers an efficiency of up to 18.33% and are guaranteed against degradation caused by PID effects.
Latest review of photovoltaic cell technology

Learn more about solar panel models and the leading cell types here, including PERC, multiple bus bars, split modules and bifacial panel technology here.

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