TheSolar Panel Dimensions is an important factor when buying solar panels, and the importance lies in knowing the dimensions of the solar panels you can calculate how many solar panels you will need to place on your roof.

Solar Panel Dimensions

How many solar panels can there be on your roof? That is something you must find out before buying solar panels.

 Of course, you must take into account the dimensions of the panel and the roof, but also the energy efficiency is an important factor. Here you will find everything about the importance of the dimensions of solar panels.

Standard dimensions of solar panels

Solar panels are available in various sizes. The average size of solar panels is 1.5 square meters per panel. In principle, however, the power determines the size of the solar panels. 

The bigger the solar panel, the more energy. The capacity of a solar panel is expressed in Watt peak (Wp). Below we list the dimensions of the solar panels and the power for you.

Solar panelsDimensionPower
Small1.58 x 0.81 m190 – 215 Wp
Normal1.65 x 1 m245 – 270 Wp
Big2 x 1 m270 – 300 Wp



Number of solar panels per roof

The dimensions of the solar panels determine how much you can put on the roof. In addition, the amount of solar panels also depends on the type of roof you have. We look at the options for each roof:

Inclined roof


In principle, a sloping roof can be used completely for the installation of solar panels. Here you have to take into account obstacles such as chimneys or attic windows. 

In addition to having an impact on the placement, they also provide shade. The best and most efficient is that you place the solar panels to the south.

 Then it benefits better from sunlight, but it is also an option to place them on the east or west side.

Flat roof

A flat roof is also suitable for the installation of solar panels. Because you place them in a frame, you can choose the ideal angle for maximum performance. This also implies that you should not place the solar panels too close to each other, since then they will be in the shadow of the other.

 In principle, the higher the slope, the farther away the solar panels will be. With a flat roof, you need approximately 2.5 square meters for a solar panel with an area of ​​1.5 square meters.


Small roof

You can also use a small roof to install solar panels. Because it has less surface area, you must opt ​​for high efficiency panels. These provide a little more power for the same size of solar panels. They are a bit more expensive to buy, but over time you get it back.

Ceiling with shadow

A roof with shade is not suitable for solar panels beforehand. Is the shadow only a few hours a day? Then, you can turn off certain solar panels during those hours with an ‘energy optimizer’.

 Is the shadow permanently present? Make sure you ignore a shadow with a placement plan.

Solar Panel Dimensions


Dimensions of the solar panels: the no-go zone.

When installing solar panels, you also have to deal with the so-called ‘no access zone’, the area in which you are not allowed to install solar panels. This area is the distance between the solar panels and the edge of the roof. 

If you place solar panels in the exclusion zone, there is a possibility that they will be removed with a strong wind. After all, the strongest wind develops in the eaves.

A forbidden area of ​​20 centimeters is enough for a sloping roof. With a flat roof, the height of the solar panel is equal to the prohibited area. For example, if your solar panel is 50 centimeters high, this distance is also the distance to the edge of the roof.

Plane of placement of solar panels.

A placement plan is a drawing that determines where and how they will be based on the dimensions of the roof and the solar panels. For the installation plan, it is important that you know these dimensions and take into account the prohibited areas.

It is not a problem for an experienced installer to develop a good installation plan. In addition, you also know in which areas of the roof you can obtain the highest energy efficiency. 

That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a professional when developing a placement plan. That way you know for sure that the panels are placed in the right way. 

How many solar panels do I need?

The size of the roof and the dimensions of the solar panels determine the number of solar panels. In addition, energy consumption is also a determining factor when it comes to the number of solar panels. 

Of course, it is not intended to generate (much) more energy than it uses. In the following table you can see how many panels you need and how much power is used.

Number of peopleAnnual energy consumptionPower required (kWh / 85%)Number of solar panelsRequired ceiling area (in m²)
one2,500 kWh3,000 Wp1218
two3,000 kWh3,500 Wp14twenty-one
33,500 kWh4,100 Wp1624
44,000 kWh4,700 Wp1827
54,500 kWh5,300 Wptwenty-one32
65,000 kWh5,900 Wp2. 337

I think it has become clear that the dimensions of the solar panels are important when deciding which solar panel to choose.

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