Aerothermal: as you know, currently aerothermal is fashionable and many of you will be looking for information on this technology. This is so, since you will have heard that it is a system that uses renewable energy for its operation.

AEROTERMIA is a clean technology that extracts up to 77% of the energy from the air for free.

Aerothermal systems are state-of-the-art heat pumps designed to provide  cooling in summer, heating in winter and, if desired, hot water throughout the year .

The  aerotermia  is a technology that is experiencing a great acceptance and is increasingly being installed in homes. Especially after the European Union included it in the technologies considered as renewable energy.


The market related to this technology is growing at a double digit rate, thanks in part to the economic recovery. According to a recent study, a technology that works with aerothermal energy is installed for every five traditional.

In the long term, the research points out that aerothermal energy will reach a market share of 90% and that fossil fuel systems in heating, cold and hot water (ACS) systems will become increasingly residual.

What is aerothermal energy?

Aerothermal energy is a clean technology that extracts the free energy found in the outside air.

It is therefore a technology that uses this type of energy to condition the home. In this way, the indoor environment can be heated with an aerothermal heating system, cooled or heated with a clean energy.

This technology is one of the renewables that is growing the most in recent years, along with other technology, solar energy extracted from solar panels.

The advantages associated with these technologies are enhancing its installation.


How does it work?

It extracts energy contained in the air, even at freezing temperatures below zero and transfers it to the room or running water.

This is achieved by the thermodynamic cycle that uses a refrigerant gas to extract heat from the outside air.


Aerothermal energy produces more energy than it consumes:

In what percentage? It depends on the quality of the equipment and its energy rating; For example, for a team with performance 4.5 we provide 4.5 kW of heat output for each kW consumed of electricity. Therefore 78% of the energy provided is free.

Aerothermal benefits

The main benefits are environmental and economic.

· Environmental benefits: The most outstanding advantages from the environmental point of view are summarized in one: a zero level of local pollution.

· Economic benefits
: From the point of view of economic savings, the most important benefit is that the maintenance cost is zero.

Aerothermal advantages

  • High  efficiency . It consumes less energy (kWh) than traditional heating systems and that can be seen in the  monthly bill .
  • It is a renewable  and therefore sustainable energy  .
  • It requires almost no maintenance , it is like an appliance.
  • It does not produce combustion ( there is no boiler ). There is no smoke or waste. It is safer.
  • The whole house can operate exclusively with  electricity , without the need to hire gas or fuel supplies. It can offer air conditioning.
  • The   aerotemia installation is much simpler and better than a non-renewable energy operation.
  •  Their outputs can be  combined (traditional radiators, underfloor heating, heat pumps, etc.)
  • It is the heating with  lower energy consumption .


  • Its initial cost is usually higher (although it is compensated over the years with savings in consumption).
  • Requires a unit outside the home.

The aerothermal installation replaces the traditional systems:

For its savings, safety and comfort, it replaces the traditional combustion boiler (coal, gas or diesel), condensing boilers and resistance heating.


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