If you are interested in achieving the maximum performance of your solar system you must place a solar tracker.

Photovoltaic solar energy has had a great development in recent days. To get the best performance from solar panels, we need a solar tracker.


The panels are solar to have a bad performance, they should always be oriented with a correct IL with respect to the sun, but the movement of the Earth makes this angle must change constantly, to correct this the solar tracker has been created   .



What is a solar tracker?

A solar tracker is a device that fits into a set of photovoltaic panels facing the sun to exploit its light and generate energy.

My idea is to include it in a direction in which it moves during all the time, for so long, during all the time it has changed.

Solar trackers are used to increase the energy production of solar panels and solar receivers. The follower will be a device that watches the movement of time for a period of time that I believe.

Solar trackers are used to maintain the solar / solar collectors. Panels facing directly towards the sun as it moves through the sky every day.

The use of the solar energy system increases the energy energy of the solar energy system and the production of thermal energy / electricity generated.

Solar trackers can increase the production of solar panels by 20-30%, improving the economics of solar panel design. 

“What is the use of a solar tracker?

The use of this product increases the production of electricity to 30% by 40% in all regions, compared to solar panels. In any solar energy application, the conversion efficiency is improved when the modules are continuously adjusted according to the angle of the “Sun as it moves across the sky”.

With improved efficiency, it improves performance. The use of this is a big difference in children’s play. Therefore, on a commercial scale, a solar installation is adding a solar tracker.

How does a solar tracker work?



A solar tracker directs solar panels or modules towards the sun. These devices change their orientation along the direction of the solemnization route of the energy capture.

In photovoltaic systems, solar trackers help to minimize the angle of incidence (the angle formed by a ray of light with a line perpendicular to the surface) between the incoming light and the panel, which increases the amount of energy produced by the installation. 

Concentrated photovoltaic solar energy and concentrated solar thermal energy have a vision that directly accepts sunlight, so   solar trackers   must have the correct angle to collect energy. Every day is granted according to the periods of time when it does not produce energy for a certain number of correct passengers.

The single-axis solar tracker rotates on an axis that moves back and forth in only one direction. Different types of single-axis trackers include aligned horizontal, vertical, tilted, and polar lines that rotate when they involve names. 

What are the types of existing solar trackers?

  • Solar trackers with two axes. 

    • They allow the panels to move in two directions, instead of just one, which means that a mayor gets energy from the sun because it has a higher positioning range. Dual followers are usually used to orient a mirror and redirect sunlight to a stationary recurrence.
  • Solar trackers of an axis.

    • Turn in a single mode to see only once in only one direction. These, in turn, are divided into: horizontal, vertical, inclined, polar, which rotate as indicated by their name.

Solar trackers can also be classified according to the controllers that indicate their movement:

  • Passive supporters

    • It depends completely on solar heat to guide and move the follower. Basically, a gaseous fluid is a point of diffusion due to the explosion of a negative point of view for the future part of a rise and fall; this in response to the imbalance created by the heat of the sun.   
  • Active followers

    • They use a controller that controls the position of the Sun’s movement to direct the motor that moves the follower.

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