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Solar panels are a popular form of green energy. They can be seen more and more on the roofs and their price is decreasing. You may also be considering buying solar panels. Here we list the pros and cons. But first we explain how exactly the solar panels work.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are installed on your roof. When the solar rays reach the solar panel, voltage is generated in the upper layer. This voltage is converted into electricity in the panel. The electricity goes to the inverter, which converts the direct voltage into alternating voltage. In this way electricity is ready for its own use.

What are the advantages of solar cells?

Lower energy bill

You can generate your own electricity through solar panels. Therefore, you no longer have to pay for the total energy of the energy provider. In the summer, you may be able to provide 100% of the energy generated to your own home. 

Of course, these gains are at the beginning to recover the investment. After approximately 7 to 8 years, you get earnings for an average family of 1,000 euros a year.

Limit CO2 emissions

The energy generated by the solar panels is clean energy. No CO2 is released during generation. This saves 60 kilograms of CO2 per m2 of solar panel per year. In this way we can counteract the greenhouse effect.

Greater value of housing

By investing in solar energy, you increase the value of your home. You will receive a higher energy rating if you have purchased solar panels. After all, the buyer no longer needs to make this effort and investment, and benefits from lower energy costs. To show how much the value of your home increases, we give this example: Suppose you have invested 3,500 euros in 6 solar panels. Your house will then increase on average by 7,000 euros.




There are no subsidies for the government solar panels at this time, but you can recover your VAT from the installation and labor. This 21% discount is a bonus! Sometimes there are also regional subsidies or subsidies from the municipality.

Sustainable source

The sun’s rays are always there, even in winter. This source is not exhausted, unlike fossil fuels. Through the use of solar energy we can extend the depletion of fossil fuels.


An additional advantage of solar panels is that they can compensate for the electricity generated not used. It can happen, especially in the summer, that it generates more than it consumes. You can return the unused generated electricity to the network and you will be reimbursed. Note that a maximum of 3000 kWh is connected and you need a meter.

Long useful life

Solar panels have a long service life. You have benefited from solar panels for at least 25 years. If the recovery time of your solar panels is 8 years, you will have a gain of 13 years!

Little maintenance is required

Solar panels require little maintenance. Most of the dirt that comes into contact with the panels is automatically removed. To maintain optimum efficiency, it is necessary to check the panels once a year for dirt or damage.

Cons of solar panels

The roof must be adequate.

Not all ceilings are suitable for solar panels. There are a number of requirements that the roof must meet. At least 10 meters of surface must be available. The panels should be able to look south and an angle of 36 degrees should be optimal.

Less beautiful ceiling

Not everyone is charmed by a roof full of solar panels. Although it is becoming increasingly normal to have solar panels on the roof. Some people find that it is something to brag about.

Investment price

The purchase of solar panels is a lot of money at one time. An investment quickly costs a few thousand euros. Of course this is paid only in 7 to 8 years. Paying is therefore a long-term process. You get a benefit after the amortization period.

The energy generated is not enough.

The energy generated from solar panels is often not enough to provide energy for the whole family. So you still need power from the network.

Energy storage in expensive batteries.

Instead of supplying power generated unused to the network, you can also save energy yourself. For this you need batteries that are quite expensive. Often prices are already around 1,000 euros.



Extra group in meter cabinet with more than 3 panels.

If you buy more than three panels, you must place an additional group in the meter cabinet. This usually costs more than one hundred euros.

Increase in insurance premium

It is possible that the insurance premium of your home increases if you install solar panels. This depends on the insurance company.


There are strong advantages that overcome the disadvantages. Of course it may be that your roof is not adequate. So it is not wise to opt for solar panels. Then you can consider other options to install solar panels in a place other than the roof. It is especially important that you have examined the solar panels and opted for quality. Solar panels can offer long-term benefits and help ensure a good environment.

Tips of solar panels

  • Find a reliable supplier and manufacturer. Pay attention to the guarantee and quality marks, to be sure that the performance of the solar panels will not diminish quickly. It is extremely important to bet on quality with a sustainable product, such as solar panels.
  • Also pay attention to the quality of the investor.
  • You can install solar panels yourself if you have your hand and have a helping hand. There are DIY packages. However, we often see that there are complications.
  • Installers must come for a good price indication. If they send an estimated quote, it is not 100% reliable. Solar panels are customized and efficiency can not be estimated with a finger in the air.
  • Check if the location of the solar panels is ideal. In addition to your roof must be adequate, it is also important that there are no objects in the area that can provide shade. Pay special attention to the fact that objects may not provide shade in the morning, but at night.
  • Your installer will probably tell you: keep in mind that you can not recalculate more than 3000 kWh. If you choose to generate maximum energy, you may want to save energy.

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