How to differentiate the quality of photovoltaic solar panels?

If you are interested in installing solar energy in your home, you should know that there are many brands of panels and different qualities and prices then it is necessary to know How to differentiate the quality of photovoltaic solar panels?

The choice of solar panel is essential to achieve a   functional and efficient photovoltaic system . Below you will find a series of tips to optimize your purchase.

How to differentiate the quality of photovoltaic solar panels?

With so many manufacturers of   photovoltaic solar panels worldwide, it is important to know how to evaluate the quality of this type of equipment through the analysis of certain specifications. These specifications are responsible for the performance, quality and durability of the photovoltaic solar panel.

There are dozens of solar panel manufacturers. Each with several models; and even the most versed consumer will be overloaded to review the specifications of each of the different models of solar panels. But that choice does not have to be a stressful experience!

For me, the most important thing that should guide your purchase decision is  quality . To do this you must take into account the following specifications:

How to differentiate the quality of photovoltaic solar panels?


It represents the  efficiency  with which a panel converts  solar energy into electrical energy.


It is determined based on their  output power  or amount of energy they can produce under standard conditions.

With regard to the power tolerance, the concept refers to how much the actual power may differ in% from the classification that is outlined in the data sheet.


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines a series of quality standards that are framed in  ISO 9000 .

If a solar panel producer has this certificate, it meets the quality standards defined in the standard.

Useful life.

For its measurement,  IEC 6125 is used , which performs stress tests on panels that simulate decades of wear and tear when they are working outdoors.

Classification system of solar panels.

The classification system is objective and based on certain points that lead to a quick decision.

Take into account some manufacturer specifications, how  technical support, warranties  and other documents available to the public work. This information is used to create a classification of the best brands of solar panels and energy systems in the market.

Classification of solar panels.

Economic solar panels.

Take them into account only if you have a very low budget. These panels tend to produce less energy than good quality panels under the same conditions. It is possible that the hardness of the weather conditions will be  degraded to a greater extent, reducing their useful life.

Panels with a “plus” symbol represent better than average options within their category.

Standard solar panels

Standard solar panels work well in most conditions and circumstances. It has a good classification in relation to  efficiency, power , among other technical specifications.

They also meet quality standards, good support and warranty, as well as durability and shelf life.

High quality solar panels.

They generate more electricity per cm2 than standard panels. The initial price is above average for its high performance. It has  premium guarantees . Recommended for special installations both because of the conditions and the need for power generation.

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