Glass photovoltaic solar roof tiles made in Spain

This type of technology, photochromic solar tiles are the ideal components for your roof if you do not want to lose the aesthetics of your home and generate electricity.

Glass photovoltaic solar roof tiles made in Spain

These photovoltaic solar tiles are placed and embedded as standard tiles and merge with existing channel tiles, to allow full integration into the roof, without any additional thickness. Maintaining the aesthetics of the house.

Mascarell manufactures a 10 W solar roof tile, composed of a glass roof tile on which high performance monocrystalline solar cells are fixed. Ensures roof coverage and tightness.

Transparent in appearance, it lets in all the solar radiation that is captured by solar cells to allow buildings to produce their own electricity. It becomes invisible on the roof once installed.


It is a glass tile, transparent, of measures and shape similar to the traditional Mediterranean tile; allows to place it on an existing tile, or replace it.

Each tile has a flexible and waterproof photovoltaic panel on its inner face that generates electricity when it receives the sun’s rays.

Each tile has two cables with connector, so that they are connected to each other until the desired power is achieved.

It does not need installation, as it is placed on the existing roof.

Designed for where you can not place the usual photovoltaic panel, by weight, aesthetics or regulation.

Given its shape, size and the natural inclination of the roofs, it is imperceptible from the street.

What are the advantages of solar tile?

  • An integration with a perfect aesthetic.
  • A simple and very economical modular solution.
  • Perfect solution for the renovation of historical monuments.
  • Compatible with all existing channel tiles.
  • Let the light through (ideal for porches).
  • Very easy and fast installation without drilling the roof.
  • Resistant to frost and wind and solar module protected from the weather.
  • Green energy generators are invisible.
  • Ecological, made with recyclable materials.
  • Maintenance is not required.
  • It adapts well to the roofs of Uralita channel, sandwich panels.
  • Longevity of the photovoltaic elements placed under the tiles.
  • Safe and sustainable investment.
  • Revaluation of your house.
  • 80% of the guaranteed electricity production after 20 years.

Mascarell is an ecological glass factory located in Mataró (Barcelona) and specialized in the manufacture of patented solar channel tiles, with a traditional tile appearance, but transparent glass.

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