Buy IKEA solar panels 2019 ? At first you think of the giant solar panels on the furniture on the ceiling. However, IKEA offers solar panels from the Hanergy brand.

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The furniture giant Ikea is better known for the modern and also economic furniture it offers. Did you know that you can also buy solar panels there? 

When Ikea announced that they would distribute solar panels, that sounded like music to many potential investors. When Ikea places an article of this type in the Dutch market, should there be a very competitive price? Or not? Are you also interested in buying solar panels and are you considering buying them at Ikea? 

Then, read on quickly, discover everything about the solar panels offered by the company and the costs involved.

The furniture giant Ikea is better known for the modern and also economic furniture it offers. Did you know that you can also buy solar panels there? 

When Ikea announced that they would distribute solar panels, that sounded like music to many potential investors.

 When Ikea places an article of this type in the Dutch market, should there be a very competitive price? Or not? Are you also interested in buying solar panels and are you considering buying them at Ikea? 

Then, read on quickly, discover everything about the solar panels offered by the company and the costs involved.

How did the Ikea solar panel come about?

The Ikea solar panels were actually a logical step for the popular Swedish department store, everything else for the home was already available. 

Think of kitchens, complete bedrooms, floors, plants, lamps, mattresses, whatever and Ikea has it. Often also at an attractive price, so it automatically assumes that solar panels are also sold at a good price.

Ikea wants to inspire you to live more sustainably at home by offering different products and solutions that not only save you money, but also energy and water. 

Think of LED lamps, water-saving faucets and induction plates. Solar panels were the next logical step in the range of sustainable products. But are Ikea’s solar panels really an intelligent purchase?

Ikea’s first solar panels went on the market in 2015. IKEA’s solar panels were not exceptionally cheap. Unlike many of its other products, the solar panels were not manufactured by Ikea itself. The prices of Ikea solar panels?

  • 10 Ikea solar panels, including inverter, warranty and installation € 3,704 euros. With a discount, he paid € 3,149 for the polycrystalline blue solar panels, each with a capacity of 270 Wp.
  • 10 (black) Ikea solar panels with a maximum capacity per panel of 285 Wp. You pay € 4,230 for this set of black monocrystalline solar panels. With the Ikea discount you can pay € 3,596 in this way.

You also have the option of 2 different types of investors:

  •  Traditional investors
    monitor the operation of the total system.
  •  The SolarEdge inverter
    monitors and optimizes the system per panel and optimally utilizes its roof through the flexible design with multiple roof and shade surfaces.

Thin film solar panels

Initially, Ikea surprised friends and enemies by saying he would not sell monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels, but the so-called thin film variants. 

These solar panels use a completely different technique than the standard panels that can be found in the Dutch market. They are much cheaper compared to mono or polycrystalline solar panels, but they have the great disadvantage that they need more area to achieve the same efficiency as alternative installations.

 This can be a problem for residents of the Netherlands, because they often only have a fairly limited roof area, which means that every square meter counts.

The thin-film solar panels offered by Ikea are Hanergy panels. This entails another significant disadvantage. The solar panels of this brand are known to have only a limited option in terms of investors.

 Investors, therefore, all have a transforming call. This ensures that not only generate a lower return, but also make more noise.

Comparison with CIS solar panels

We can better compare the solar panels of the Hanergy brand with other CIS solar panels. For example, consider the Japanese brand Solar Frontier.

 Although the latter does not have a really optimal performance, the expected performance is even better than Hanergy solar panels. In addition, a lower capacity per surface area is applied to Hanergy solar panels. 

If we take all this into consideration, however, we should be able to conclude that solar panels have a very competitive price compared to alternatives in the market … Or you can read that in the next section.

What is the estimated performance of the IKEA panels?

Blaauw, Beijert and Schouten emphasize that the efficiency of solar panels depends largely on individual situations. The factors that play a role are, of course, the location of the roof (more or less to the south), the slope of the roof and the time of day when there is relatively a lot of sun.

A common rule of thumb in the industry is that you  can make  assets multiplied by  a factor of 0.88  for profits. If you apply this to the IKEA systems of 1,500 watts peak and 2,500 watts peak, you will reach 1,320 kilowatt hours and 2,200 kilowatt hours respectively.

That is somewhat lower than the potential annual yield of 1,450 kilowatt-hours and 2,410 kilowatt-hours, as suggested by IKEA.

“It may be true what IKEA says about performance, but then you need practically ideal conditions,” says Blaauw of .

 “If your roof is a bit more oriented to the east and you have more shade, then it is better to assume a more conservative performance.” Beijert also notes that the performance presented is “on the optimistic side”.

Schouten from MetdeZon has been placing thin-film panels in addition to crystalline panels for several months and believes that the performance estimated by Ikea is realistic. “I’m happy that Ikea started this. 

We see that thin film panels generate 10 percent higher performance for the same power. Ikea panels need a little more space, but on the other hand, the consumer receives more kilowatts per hour annually. “

If you request IKEA solar panels, you will receive a quote with an estimated performance based on personalized data. Hanergy guarantees a minimum of 80 percent of the profits mentioned in the quotation for five years.

Are Ikea solar panels cheap?

As already indicated in the introduction of this page, everyone, when announcing the Ikea solar panels, assumed that they would have a very competitive price. However, in practice that does not seem to be the case at all. 

In general, it is known that thin-film solar panels are manufactured in a way that ensures that production costs can be considerably reduced.

 In practice, the price difference between these thin film solar panels and mono or polycrystalline solar panels is usually considerable. Not with Ikea. For an installation with solar panels that has a capacity of 1500 WP, a price of around 3,200 euros is charged.

 To be really competitive in the market, this price should, however, amount to a maximum of 2,900, a careless 300 euros less.

Ikea opts for Solar Frontier solar panels.

Of course, the above does not sound very positive for the Ikea solar panels and there is more. For example, it was learned that several branches on its roof also use solar panels, but not those of the brand that they themselves sell. 

The solar panels that can be found in the locations of the chain in the Netherlands are mainly those of … Solar Frontier, the direct competitor!

 This suggests that Ikea is aware of the somewhat limited efficiency of its solar panels and the price that is being charged too high. When they themselves are not convinced of the panels they sell, 

How can you persuade customers to do this? Too often, it seems that people automatically assume that a chain like Ikea always knows how to get the best price for the items they sell, while in practice this is not the case.

Comparing thin film solar panels

The popularity of thin-film solar panels has increased considerably over the years. 

This has everything to do with the fact that these systems have a much cheaper price, which makes them more accessible for people who only have a limited budget and still want to enjoy the benefits of using solar energy. 

When you also think about buying such solar panels, it is always a good idea to make a small comparison. This comparison should reveal exactly what are the most interesting thin-film solar panels that, despite the lower cost, still guarantee the best possible performance.

Buy solar panels from Ikea

Despite the limited performance and the price a bit high, many people still choose to buy Ikea solar panels. This is just normal. Ikea is a well-known chain with which many people are familiar. 

It is precisely this trust that ensures that potential buyers automatically assume that they are opting for high quality solar panels where they can enjoy a solid guarantee and good performance. Does the information on this page mean that it is better not to buy Ikea solar panels? Neither that.

However, before doing this, it is important to make an objective comparison with other thin film solar panels from which it should be clear which panels not only offer the best quality, but also the highest efficiency at the best possible price. 

Only in this way can you be sure that the 25 year investment you make will be profitable at the end of the trip. As soon as the solar panels are on your roof, of course there is no going back!




Ikea does not have ‘own brand’ of solar panels

The first  special ‘ Ikea solar panel shop  ‘ was opened in Barendrecht. All Ikea stores now have a special solar panel store. 

Here you can get more information about the IKEA solar panels and will also have the help of real experts.

The first time that Ikea started offering solar panels was in 2015, in collaboration with Hanergy. Hanergy is an important player when it comes to producing solar panels, along with the Japanese solar boundary, they have the largest market share.

 The cooperation with Hanergy has been completed and Ikea is working with Solarcentury, one of the largest and most  experienced companies  in the solar energy sector.

The range of Ikea solar panels that are supplied in collaboration with Solarcentury are from other brands such as JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Goodwe and SolarEdge. IKEA, therefore, does not have a ‘own brand’ of solar panels.

Ikea buys solar panels from Competitor

Ikea Zwolle recently had 5500 solar panels mounted on the roof. Such an investment is, of course, wonderful and extremely environmentally conscious, but why do not they put their own solar panels on the roof?

There are no Ikea solar panels on the roof, but solar panels from the Japanese brand Solar Frontier. 

This manufacturer also supplies thin film solar panels, which are very suitable for large surfaces. This ‘roll-out’ solar panel film can produce up to 20% more solar energy than traditional solar panels.

By the way, it is understandable that Ikea has not opted for its own solar panels, but for the solar panels of the competition. 

For example, Hanergy (Ikea) needs solar panels, 4% more space on the roof for the same energy efficiency than solar panels from Solar Frontier. 

The Solar Frontier solar panels are also much more durable than the Ikea solar panels and last much longer. Is it strange that Ikea has opted for a different brand of solar panels? We do not make a statement about it, but you can guess what we think about it.

Generate energy yourself?

Are you curious about the possibilities that your house has to generate electricity through solar panels? Request now 6 quotes without obligation with our  solar panel comparator  .

IKEA solar panels: cheap or expensive?

Undoubtedly, all IKEA fans have heard that IKEA sells  solar panels  . Is the Swedish residential giant going to shake up the solar panel market? Read the pros and cons of IKEA solar panels on this blog.

Fight for sustainability

In October 2014, the Netherlands became the second country where IKEA sells solar panels, after the United Kingdom. At the IKEA locations in Haarlem, Utrecht, Barendrecht and Enschede, you can now opt for complete packages that include solar panels, inverters, installation and advice. 

Offering solar panels is perfectly adapted to the sustainable strategy of IKEA. IKEA has installed more than 700,000 solar panels in various stores and buildings around the world.

  • “Thin film” technique.

The solar panels purchased at IKEA come from the Chinese company Hanergy. This company uses the technique called ‘thin film’. These panels see in the production something cheaper than the panels that consist of the so-called mono or polycrystalline modules. 

However, the disadvantage is that “thin film” solar panels have a lower efficiency, which means that you need about 30% more space in the ceiling to generate the same amount of kWh. 

However, “thin film” solar panels are still in development. Therefore, it is possible that the efficiency of these solar panels will increase considerably in the coming years.

“The estimated yield is on the optimistic side”

The price for IKEA’s smallest photovoltaic system, including installation, is 3,200 euros, excluding VAT. This system has a peak capacity of 1,500 watts and a production of around 1,450 kWh per year estimated by IKEA. 

An average system costs 4,400 euros without VAT, has a maximum capacity of 2,500 watts and an estimated yield of 2,410 kWh per year. By way of comparison: an average household consumes around 3,500 kWh per year. 

With the smaller system, you need to buy approximately 42% less energy from your energy provider; With the average system, an average family generates about 69 percent of its own electricity.

However, several specialists say in an  interview with Z24  that the estimated yield is “on the optimistic side”. “If your roof is a bit more to the east and you have more shade, then it is better that you assume a more conservative performance,” said Marcel Blaauw of

. A general rule in the solar panel industry is that the yield amounts to 0.88 times the power. The smallest system would have a yield of 1,320 kWh in that case; The average system would be 2,200 kWh per year.

Compare IKEA solar panels with other suppliers

Well, therefore, we can conclude that “thin film” solar panels take up more space than silicone panels or mono or polycrystalline panels.

 But what solar panels actually offer more at the lowest price? Z24 had three experts make a calculation example. You can see the results in the table below. 

The IKEA solar panels do not seem to be the cheapest. However, members of the IKEA family receive a 15 percent discount on the total price. This makes the price reasonably close to other solar panel suppliers.

KindPowerArea requiredPrice (without VAT)Price per watt peak (excl VAT)
IKEAthin film1,500 watt peak18 m2€ 3,200€ 2.13
IKEA (with a 15% family discount)thin films1,500 watt peak18 m2€ 2,720€ 1.81
Zonnepanelen.netmono or polycrystalline1,500 watt peak10 m2€ 2,250€ 1.50
Zon & Cosilicone panels1,650 watt peakunknown€ 3,100€ 1.88


Save energy

The question remains whether IKEA will turn the solar panel market. At the moment, the price of IKEA solar panels, unlike the rest of the IKEA range, is not yet competing in the lower part of the market.

 If it is an important financial decision, it is advisable to always look at the multiple options. Perhaps, for example, the concept of  leasing solar panels is  better suited to your situation.

Solar panels are, of course, an excellent way to reduce your energy bill. Also  switching  to another energy provider provides a substantially lower energy bill. When you change annually, you save hundreds of euros!

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