The solar energy storage is one of the disadvantages of the production of solar energy through solar panels, if there is surplus production, the energy must be used or lost.



How can solar energy be stored?

Solar batteries   are a very important component in any isolated installation of   photovoltaic energy , since these are the ones that will be in charge of storing the energy  so that it can be used during the night or during prolonged periods of bad weather in which we do not have enough solar radiation .

Solar energy storage, options at a glance

The  solar energy accumulator ( solar battery) is the last step to be completely self-sufficient and independent of the connections with the energy supplier to completely cut this through the storage of solar energy.

A feeling of freedom

The battery storage systems for solar panels are at home and this really gives a feeling of freedom! 

Save solar energy

Almost 1 million solar panels are installed on the roofs of homes around the world every day. The only problem: a solar panel works well during the day but there is no energy during the night. Now that you feel that the need for electricity is considerable.

Use energy when it is dark

People come home from work (especially in the winter in the dark) and need supplies.

The need for electricity does not stop when the sun goes down. To use the kWh of electricity generated during the day, the storage of solar energy comes into play.


Saving this energy is also better for your wallet. As you know, you will lose money on the return compared to the purchase. 

Because for each kWh that your solar panels generate on the roof (and that you do not use yourself) and that you return to the network, you receive the so-called feed rate of 5 to 7 cents per kWh on average.


And meanwhile, you must pay 21 to 23 cents for every kWh you buy from the supplier if your solar panels do not produce electricity. 

This means a loss of around 15 cents per kWh and that’s a shame, of course. 

You understand the demand for solar panel batteries to store the sun’s energy.

Battery for home

A battery for the home (or office, etc.) is not new at all, but you do not see much in homes and buildings. 

But in boats and campers it is very normal. The battery for home solutions is nice because it becomes more independent of the energy providers and can save the electricity of the solar panels yourself for later.

What are the advantages of solar energy storage?

  • Have electricity in places where there is no connection to the network 
  • If the network fails (temporarily or for a longer period of time), you still have kWh at your disposal for personal use
  • Be independent of the electrical network 
  • Save energy for when it is after sunset.

Battery for the solar panel

In fact, many users already save the kWh of solar panels for later. They also call this a solar battery. 

Think of the owners of the campers who have a solar panel on the roof, the boat owners who want to be able to spend the night anywhere, and many sheds that have a small solar panel and a small battery to be out of the network, even without the NUTS facilities.



How does solar energy storage work?

Saving solar energy in the home can take place in several ways. The direct voltage of the solar panels is converted through the inverter (normal) to alternating current for use in the home in the interior installations, think of the boiler, microwave, washing machine, etc.

The battery with power cells (to store kWh) in small batteries that are together in a battery, connected together and controlled by a circuit board / computer control system works as follows:


One of the brands with a beautiful unit for the storage of energy from solar panels is the Solarwatt:


Solar panel brands

Now there are many brands that supply a battery storage system for solar panels. 

Not only does Tesla advertise and know how to market a product, but also smaller (but also good) storage systems manufacturers.

The brands of storage units to store solar energy in the home are:

  • Bella solar
  • SolarWatt
  • Edison iron
  • Tesla
  • JLM
  • AGM Solar
  • SMA

The tension

However, to save energy, you must have direct voltage again and for this a battery inverter is required. 

You see multiple systems from the solar panel to the home device and the battery. 
These are systems for new installations of solar panels and installations of existing solar panels.

Living outside the network is a pleasant feeling

In addition, there are several voltages of storage systems outside the network.

  • High voltage (above 100 volts)
  • Low voltage (less than 100 volts, like 48 volts, SMA system)

Both are safe and not better than the others.


You can see here the storage of Tesla and also directly the explanation (mentioned above) about high and low voltage:



More and more people opt for the energy storage system in the home. 

Not only can you connect everything in your shed that does not have an electrical connection, but also in your own home or business. By means of this battery or batteries (connected) connected to the solar panels, you have everything you want without the power supplier.



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