Next, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy.

Because although we are in a renewable energy blog, we know that it is important to understand that this type of energy also have contradictions and it is very possible that they are not as extraordinary as different policies sell them, although we have to get used to them in the future, to the force.


What are the pros and cons of sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is always brought extremely positively by companies and organizations. After all, we are making the world a little better and that is only better.

However, it is not just an aroma of rose and moons with sustainable energy. There are many aspects at stake, which you may not have thought about in the first instance, but which can play an important role.

That is why we have listed all the advantages and disadvantages of sustainable energy for you. Then you have a clear picture of how you see the future. Do you opt for gray energy or do you prefer green energy? The choice is entirely yours.

What are the benefits of renewable energy?

  • The most important advantage of sustainable energy, of course, is that it is better for the environment. The energy comes from inexhaustible sources, which minimizes CO2 emissions.
  • They are more respectful with the environment, do not pollute and represent the cleanest energy alternative so far.
  • They are easy to dismantle and do not require custody of their waste for millions of years, as for example with nuclear energy.
  • It makes the region more autonomous, since it develops in the same region where it is installed, industry and the economy.
    Generates many jobs, which are expected in an even greater increase in a few years taking into account their demand and implementation.
  • They are safe energies because they do not pollute, nor do they pose a risk to health, and their waste also does not create any type of threat for anyone.
  • These are sources of energy that are inexhaustible, such as the sun or water, and also their different origins allow their application in all types of scenarios. The more sustainable the energy, the lower the use of fossil fuels
  • Each country can generate renewable energy. For example, it is no longer necessary to import oil from other countries.

What are the disadvantages of sustainable energy?

However, sustainable energy also has a number of disadvantages. We have also listed these for you:

  • It can cause landscape pollution. They can even affect certain natural areas. For example, when windmills are placed in a landscape, they not only take up space, but also provide shade.
  • Do you know that more than 20,000 birds die every year because they fly in windmills?
  • The initial costs for sustainable energy are very expensive. For example,  solar panels are not cheap to buy.
  • Dams are also ways to promote sustainable energy. However, the construction of this can affect a natural reserve. There are still many fish that die because of the construction of a dam or the construction of a hydroelectric power station.
  • Sustainable energy is not always easy to convert to the desired form and quantity. The correct source must be connected to the correct device and this sometimes causes some problems.

Work and believe in a better future.

If sustainable energy is increasingly determining the future, it is important that sustainable energy becomes cheaper. However, today, sustainability is an important element, which means that a good prospect for the future is certainly possible.

In addition, we will have to work hard on solutions for which there are still problems. However, the circumstances and possibilities are improving as the government and politicians have more money.



In addition, the people themselves are much more environmentally aware. However, we have not yet reached that point, which is why self-awareness is very important. Ultimately, a better environment and a sustainable future start with you.

For example, you can switch to a provider of energy with sustainable energy. With that, he has taken the first step towards a better world in the field of sustainable energy.



– Renewable Energy does not produce emissions of CO2 and other polluting gases into the atmosphere, so it reduces the greenhouse effect.

– Renewable energies do not generate waste that is difficult to treat, as in the case of nuclear energy

– Renewable energies are inexhaustible.

– Renewable energies avoid external dependence, we can even manufacture energy in our own house.

– Renewable energies create five times more jobs than conventional ones.

– Renewable energies have allowed Spain to develop its own technologies, so that we are world leaders in the manufacture of solar panels and windmills.



– They produce high visual impacts.

– You do not always get the same energy with them, that is, they depend on whether there is wind or the amount of sun. So, sometimes have difficulties to ensure supply and have to be complemented with other types of energy.

– Large tracts of land are needed to obtain an appreciable amount of energy.

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