Prices of photovoltaic solar panels for my house

Si tu interes es poner energia solar en su casa debes saber el precio de los paneles solares

Photovoltaic solar panels  are technological devices designed to capture energy from the sun and be used for daily consumption.

Installing a solar energy system  at home becomes a profitable option due to the energy savings they can provide and their consequent preservation of the environment, due to the low emission of toxic agents.

Prices of photovoltaic solar panels for my house

The  budget for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels is variable, on average between 600 euros and 800 euros per square meter. This amount is reduced, considerably, the larger the size of the installation.

The  amount of solar panels  that your home will need will depend on the consumption needs of your home, it is generally proportional to the size of the home, the space available on the roof and its physical capacity for installation.

Prices of Solar Panels for Self-consumption 5 kW

The  solar panels for Autoconsumo  5kW usually the solar system most commonly used in homes.

The  average cost of a solar panel  is subject to the power and size of it. For example, a 100w plate could be between 80 and 100 euros per unit, which means that the cost per watt is 0.8 or 1 euro.

If we talk about an installation between 25 and 35 square meters, taking into account the average size of the  solar panels per square meter  is 1.65 m2, 15 to 19 solar panels are needed. And if 300w power plates are used, of good quality, the total cost of the plates could be from 4,300 to 5,700 euros.

You can get  photovoltaic plate kit s from 600 euros to 16,000 euros, these costs depend on the model, quality, power and size of the board and the space where it will be placed.

How many solar panels do I need for a house of 100 m2

The  amount of photovoltaic panels  needed for a house will depend on the power of each plate, and the amount of electricity consumed monthly in the home.

Some points that will help you calculate the  number of solar panels  can be the following.

  • Determine the amount of energy that will be needed and you will determine it by the  amount of watts you use daily .
  • How many hours of sunlight is available in your area.
  • The roof surface of the house.

If the average energy consumption is 1200Kw, for a house of 100 m2, and we choose  250w power panels , 40 self-consumption panels are needed   to power the total consumption of the whole house. If on the contrary you want to feed 50% the number of plates would be 20. 

Always consider that the amount of  photovoltaic panels  will depend on the energy needs of your home and the characteristics of the chosen panel.

Cost of installing Solar Plates

The  system of photovoltaic panels  that has been chosen to be installed in your home, will influence the price of the installation. Like the brand and the quality of the honeycombs, the quantity will also have a lot to do with the total price of the installation.

Some installation budgets  for solar panels  involve a cost of 10% on the total cost of the solar kit that has been chosen, which must be considered in the total calculation of the installation.

Therefore, it is important to make the correct calculation of the  number of photovoltaic panels  to be used since this will significantly influence the final costs.

If you are looking for a professional specialized in  Photovoltaic Board Installation , you can consult our company guide

Prices of solar panels or panels for self-consumption

The  solar systems for home consumption  are not only composed of the  photovoltaic panels , you must also add the battery, inverter, and other elements that brings solar panel kit.


Solar Plate Kit (Isolated)


Prices of photovoltaic solar panels for my house

This type of system is not connected to the electrical network of the house and is linked to a battery, covers 3000w of energy and has a cost of 6,205 euros. It contains:

  • 6 260w plates
  • 12 batteries 5topzs 442 575ah c100
  • Victron 100 / 50ah mppt controller
  • Inverter charger victron multiplus pure wave 3000w
  • Victron bmv 700 battery monitor
  • Floor structure
  • Wiring and assembly guide in Spanish


Kit of 2 Solar Plates

Prices of photovoltaic solar panels for my house

  • Kit Solar Self-consumption 2 Plates 260W with Microinverter of 5
  • Aluminum Support Structure for Plates and inverter
  • 1 YC500 microinverter

The cost of this kit is around 670 euros.

Self-consumption Kit for Caravans

Prices of photovoltaic solar panels for my house


  • Complete kit of accessories for mounting and 10 A regulator
  • High performance solar panel: ideal for use in motorhomes, boats and mountain huts. -High performance also in extreme weather conditions.
  • Measures including supports: 1230 x 541 x 55 mm – 9 kg.

This kit is priced at 159 euros.

As stated, the  total cost of solar panels  and the installation will depend on several factors, which you should evaluate according to the consumption needs of your home.

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