Photovoltaic solar energy features

The sun is one of the most important sources of energy and is responsible for maintaining the various forms of life existing on earth. It is a clean and inexhaustible resource, since it practically does not pollute the environment.

Solar energy is that which results from capturing the energy of light and the heat of the sun. This energy is transformed into electrical or mechanical energy through solar panels through the photovoltaic effect.

Solar energy has several uses, among the most important:

Heating and lighting of buildings
Water heating in swimming pools
Supply of domestic hot water in the domestic, services, industry and agriculture sectors.

Energy from the Sun

Today we will explain everything related to  solar energy , as one of the first sources of renewable energy that plays one of the most essential roles in  caring for the environment  and in meeting the objectives of  sustainable development .

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What is solar energy ?

It is that source of renewable, natural, clean and alternative energy  that is harnessed by the sun’s radiation . By means of different technologies or sensors heliostats, photoelectric cells, or solar collectors and arriving to generate the production of  electrical or thermal energy .

In itself, it is the energy that the human being  obtains from the light and heat of the sun .

Characteristics of Solar Energy

  • Renewable and natural energy that comes from the sun.
  • The sun generates more than 4,000 times more energy than humanity can consume.
  • Alternative energy before the impact of fossil fuels and other environmental problems.
  • Energy source developed and unlimited.
  • Energy that serves to generate electricity and is captured by means of solar panels.
  • Energy that is clean for not generating pollution.
  • Promotes sustainable development
  • It is totally ecological and sustainable.

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How does solar energy work

Undoubtedly, thanks to technology, this energy  is transformed into electrical energy  as well as thermal energy  and it is used from the light and heat that the sun emits.

Para capturar esta energía, se emplean paneles solares o fotovoltaicos para transformar la energía luminosa (fotones) en energía eléctrica (electrones).

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