Solar energy has had a great development in recent years especially in increasing the efficiency of the panel in this article will analyze the solar panels of last generation 

The new generation of solar panels is approaching.

The new generation of  solar panels is coming and is ready to conquer the market. In contrast to current silicone solar panels, these are of ‘organic’ origin. The part that is converting solar energy into green energy  is made of carbon.

Sustainable energy is the only way to boost the economy in the future and scientists are making technological progress every day to increase the efficiency of solar cells. 

For example, there is currently a new type of solar panels that are ready to be sold. The “organic” solar panels are more environmentally friendly and, recently, their efficiency has also become profitable. That was until then the biggest obstacle to being a commercially interesting investment.

The new solar panels use the same technology found in traditional panels that are placed on the roofs of houses and businesses. Solar cells consist of a photosynthetic layer that captures sunlight and converts it into energy. 

With traditional panels, this layer is composed of silicone, but with the “organic” panels, this layer is composed of carbon. This makes the production of these panels much more respectful with the environment.

Greater potential than current technology

The current generation of solar panels converts 15 to 22% of the sunlight collected in green energy. That is why we are not currently using these panels because they do not reach the same efficiency as the solar cells that are currently available in the market.

 The ‘organic’ specimens fluctuated around half for a long time, but with a recent test they achieved up to 15%. A new study shows that 17% is possible and scientists say they will soon reach 25%.

This new generation of solar panels will probably be available in the short-term market. It is expected that ‘organic’ solar panels will be put into production within this and five years.

The best solar panel manufacturers in the market

Photovoltaic panels  are the basis of any good system and, over time, can make a difference in the recovery time of the investment made and in the profit margins.

Therefore, it is important to choose the best product based on the  price and the services  provided.

In recent years, many products have been put on the market by many manufacturers, although the real winners in terms of the number of products sold remain the Chinese photovoltaic panels. 
However, there are also Italian companies that produce high quality photovoltaic panels.

The  list of the 5 best brands of photovoltaic panels  not only takes into account the sales margins, but a series of factors such as quality, reliability and the importance of the brand itself.

Sunpower  :

The United States does not have many companies specialized in photovoltaics, but  Sunpower probably represents only one giant in the sector. 

In the past, it has also suffered a period of crisis, but thanks to state subsidies from the Obama administration it has been able to remain in the market. 

The undisputed leader in terms of performance, together with Panasonic, presents  E20 photovoltaic panels  with a performance of 20%. You can also find the E18 and E19 series, with an efficiency of 18% and 19% respectively. 

The best of the market is guaranteed by the X series, which achieves the incredible efficiency of 21.5%. 
This innovative series also enjoys a special design, thanks to the pure silicon and anti-reflective glass make the installation an architectural work. 
Sunpower is synonymous with solidity and quality, thanks also to its 25 years of experience, which in the photovoltaic sector are many.


kindTechnical specifications
Photovoltaic modules of the SunPower X series | X21-335-BLK | X21-345LATEST GENERATION SOLAR PANELS
power335W / 345W
tolerance+ 5 / -0%
dimensions1046 x 1559 mm
glassHigh transmission tempered glass
frameworkClass 1 black anodized aluminum
Resistance to snow and wind.– Wind: 2400 Pa, 244 kg / m2 in front and behind 
– Snow: 5400 Pa, 550 kg / m2 in front
Impact resistenceHail diameter 25 mm at a speed of 23 m / s.
Product guarantee25 year warranty *LATEST GENERATION SOLAR PANELS
Performance guaranteeGreater guaranteed power: 95% during the first 5 years, -0.4% / year up to 25 years

Other models:  Photovoltaic modules of LATEST GENERATION SOLAR PANELSthe E series  SunPowerTM  –  photovoltaic modules performance series SunPowerTM



The Japanese multinational entered the world of  photovoltaic panels  thanks to the purchase of  Sanyo  . 

Its  solar panels are among the best in  the world in their performance, surpassed only by the new models Sunpower X. Its performance is around 20%, a very respectable value, considering that competition stops at values ​​close to 15%.

The HIT series, made in various formats, achieves 19.4% efficiency. The N245 / N240 are made with a black frame and are equipped with a drainage system to keep the surface of the panel itself cleaner.

 The N285 model built one year earlier, in 2015, has a nominal efficiency of 18.4%. Finally, the N330 / N325 are the ones with the highest power, since the watts supplied by a single photovoltaic module correspond to its name. 

To remember the Amorton special series   , made of  amorphous silicone  , it can therefore take the desired shape and allow an increasing personalization of the plant.


kindTechnical specifications
HIT® N330 | N325K | N245 photovoltaic modulesLATEST GENERATION SOLAR PANELS
power245W / 330W
efficiency19.4% / 19.7%
tolerance+ 10/0%
weight– 19 kg (N330 | N325K) 
– 15 kg (N245)
dimensions– 1053 x 1590 mm (N330 | N325K) 
– 798 x 1580 mm (N245)
glassTempered glass with anti-reflective coating.
frameworkBlack anodized aluminum
Resistance to snow and wind.– 5400 Pa (N330 | N325K) 
– 2400 Pa (N245)
Product guaranteeThe 25-year warranty * 
and the registration on are mandatory, without registration there is a 15-year warranty based on the guarantee document
Performance guarantee25 linear years (during the first year 97%, from the second year -0.45% / year, in the 25th year 86.2%)

LG Solar:

After the United States and Japan, Korea also has its mark of excellence in the sector, namely LG, thanks to its subsidiary  LG Solar  . 
The most recent technological evolution of this multinational is certainly the Cello technology   , used in its  photovoltaic modules

This is an innovative system that can improve performance and reliability. In summary, the system is equipped with 12 cables that can disperse sunlight  in a better way over the entire surface of the photovoltaic panel. 

There are 12 threads of Cello technology, as many as the years of guarantee provided by the Korean parent company in its products.
LG Neon 2 and LG Neon 2 Black are listed with very few variations between them.

 The LG Neon 2 has an efficiency that reaches up to 19.5%, while the black version has an efficiency slightly lower than 18.3%, but has a clearly superior aesthetic appearance. 
LG Mono X2 is the latest version listed as LG Solar, including the latest Lily  and  Cello technologies   .


kindTechnical specifications
power325W / 335W
efficiency19% / 19.6%
tolerance0 / + 3%
dimensions1,686 x 1,016 x 40 mm
glassTempered glass with high transmittance
frameworkAnodized aluminum
Resistance to snow and wind.– 6.000Pa (pressure) 
– 5.400Pa (suction cup)
Product guarantee15 year warranty
Performance guarantee25 years of linear warranty * 
1) 1st year: 98%. 2) After the 2nd year: 0.5% annual degradation. 3) 86% for 25 years.

Other models:  LG Neon 2 Black photovoltaic modules

Solar Aleo

Aleo Solar  is a German company active in the renewable energy sector since 2001. Since then, its activity has focused on the development of photovoltaic panels that guarantee the highest possible efficiency. 
The particular photovoltaic cells of which each panel is composed are the result of a technological research, which currently guarantees up to 5.7% more electricity production than the normal photovoltaic panels that are on the market (therefore, more production, more profits). 
Aleo Solar photovoltaic modules, made with the sophisticated  technology Celco., offer high performance in any weather condition, as they are designed to work even when the solar radiation is not optimal, such as when the sky is cloudy or the sun sets at sunset. 
Among Aleo’s best  photovoltaic panels  , we find the  Aleo HE-Tec monocrystalline  with Celco technology, which guarantees maximum performance in terms of efficiency, with a rated power of up to  310 W  and 60 high-performance Celco cells.


kindTechnical specifications
Photovoltaic Modules Aleo Solar S19LATEST GENERATION SOLAR PANELS
power225W / 275W
efficiency14.10% / 16.70%
dimensions1650 x 991 x 40 mm
glassSolar glass (VST)
frameworkAL alloy, silver color.
Resistance to snow and wind.– Carga de presión máx. 5400 Pa
– Carga de tracción máx. 5400 Pa
Garantía del producto12 años, opcional 25 años.
Garantía de rendimiento25 años – LinealLATEST GENERATION SOLAR PANELS

EXE Solar :

EXE Solar es un fabricante italiano de módulos fotovoltaicos que opera en el sector de las energías renovables, desarrollando módulos fotovoltaicos de alta calidad. La empresa se basa en la vasta y probada experiencia en gestión técnica y económica.

The technologically advanced plants, the rigorous procedures of the production standards and the continuous research and development of the materials used allow EXE Solar to stand out in the market. The high automation of the production process and the quality controls guarantee the best quality-price ratio and maximum efficiency and energy reproducibility of the photovoltaic modules.

Each EXE Solar module is subject to a rigorous review protocol and a final test. EXE Solar modules are covered by a   linear performance guarantee of  15 and 25 years  .


kindTechnical specifications
power280W / 310W
efficiency18.3% / 18.9%
dimensions1640 x 991 x 35 mm
glass3.2 mm anti-glare tempered white glass.
frameworkSilver anodized aluminum frame 35 mm.
Resistance to snow and wind.5400 N / m2 tested at 8000 Pa
Product guarantee15 years warranty
Performance guarantee25-year linear performance guarantee.

Solsonica  :

Among the leading Italian companies in the production of photovoltaic panels,  Solsonica  is a company with 40 years of experience in the sector.

It presents some types of photovoltaic modules in the catalog, including the  monocrystalline and polycrystalline Silver Plus  . The first has two power variants: 60 cells from 240W to 260W and 72 cells from 285W to 310W, while the second with higher performance has 60 cells from 265W to 280W. 

There is a version of the Silver Plus model called SE, which is equipped with the Solar Edge electronics   on board. This panel obviously has advanced control functions and higher performance. 
For more advanced architectural solutions, frameless solar panels are manufactured   , suitable, for example, for  verandahs  or  greenhouses  .

Among the main characteristics of these products we find the highest quality glass, which allows greater efficiency in the hours when the sun shines with less intensity.

Trina Solar  :

You could not miss a Chinese brand on the list, with operational offices around the world and an Internet site completely translated into Italian. 
The catalog presents several solutions that are suitable for both domestic and industrial installations. 

The  Quadmax DC80.08 module,  for example, guarantees an efficiency of 16.8% and with its 72 cells can produce a power of approximately 205-215W. 

Built with square cells, it gives the system a good aesthetic impact compared to many competitive models. 
The model DC05A (Honey Series) and the Honey M Plus model close the catalog of monocrystalline photovoltaic panels. 

The glass glass module  . , which we analyzed in a previous article, is produced by Trina Solar with the name of  Duomax Dual Series  . 
Finally, there is a photovoltaic module designed for the construction of large photovoltaic systems, and this is PC14.

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