Four technology and innovation tools you urgently need

Obviously, there is no comfortable answer to that question, but what is undeniable is that everything that glitters in our lives is not gold. After the impression that the  internet and social networks are free and open , what is hidden is a kind of contract that users “sign” knowing that they  are selling their privacy, delivering personal data to large companies , which are the ones that they filter their audience targets through network behavior.

The author  Marta Peirano , in her latest book ” The enemy knows the system “, from Editorial Debate, maintains that one of the great objectives of the large  technology companies  that design the applications we use every day is that  we spend the greatest amount of time possible in them, interacting, to offer them our information , our data.

Applications or platforms such as  Netflix, Spotify, Whatsapp or Instagram generate some addiction and the attention they generate is the necessary tool to obtain data . The idea is not to become addicted to technology, but to spend time interacting with your mobile or your computer.

In this list of technological tools that we present today as basic, the first one we highlight is  hackingtor , which is an  application to hack whatsapp . Through this application you can  spy whatsapp , know the content of other users in this instant messaging application to be aware of what is being commented.

The protection elements for mobile devices

If something is clear in this era is that we are unable to live without a daily contact with technology and mobile devices. The question of whether  technology makes us smarter or on the contrary what it gets is to stun us  more is a constant debate and that it has been present for years.

Today it seems impossible to renounce technology, because it is a source of entertainment, information, employment, accessibility … Mobile phones have become practically one more extension of our body, in one more appendix.

Smartphones are like small computers , because thanks to them, all their features and the many applications that we can install, we almost do not need to use a computer at home.

In fact, in many homes, especially adults who have occupations that are not directly related to office work, but rather are physical works, there is an increasingly frequent tendency to  have no computer at home, and supply that computer equipment by mobile devices.

With a  smartphone , people can check their email, communicate with other people via WhatsApp or Messenger, make purchases, download applications to watch streaming content, watch videos on YouTube, make financial transactions … And all this much faster and more conveniently than from a computer.

In case the phone screen is small for some of these actions, such as watching movies or series through the Internet, the solutions go through  a tablet  or  a smart TV.

But, what happens with many other people that do require a more specific use of computer applications? Students, people who work in an office, writers, writers, creators, influencers, community managers … for all those groups, a tablet and a smart TV solves few problems.

From  portable backpacks they  offer  backpacks for laptops , because this computer equipment that we can move to anywhere comfortably needs to be well protected. In this portal we show different models of  laptop backpacks , differentiating between bags and backpacks.

The laptop is the most appropriate computer for all these groups, for  its ease of use and movement , but this does not prevent other electronic devices such as smartphones are also necessary.

Currently, a person of active age who is up to date with the new technologies, it is practically impossible to have different electronic devices:  smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch …

In the case of mobiles, the issue of protection is fundamental. Some models have a price that approaches or exceeds even 1,000 euros, so talking about  cell phone cases  and  covers  is a must. In show different  covers  and design cases to have this device protected against possible blows but at the same time win in spectacular, that is more attractive for users.

Economic savings and sustainability in housing

A last tool or device that is becoming essential today are solar panels. It is true that  solar energy  has little relationship with technological consumption at user level: mobile phones, laptops, applications …

However, in some way all this is related because in order for the technological devices to work they need to  consume electricity , or battery, and the electric consumption ends up affecting the  household economy .

Spain  is experiencing a somewhat anomalous situation at European level, because it is undoubtedly  one of the countries with the largest number of hours of sun on the continent  but is at the same time a territory in which photovoltaic solar energy does not end up settling.

Fortunately,  solar panels  are becoming more frequent in all types of facilities. From the website show us complete information about these elements, the dynamics to generate electricity, the  price of solar panels , what types of  photovoltaic solar panels  exist and many other details.

The commitment to  renewable energy as the main substitute for fossil fuels  is one of the dynamics that will prevent the  climate collapse  announced by the UN as of 2030.

Planet Earth is experiencing a deep environmental crisis and the only way to get out of it is to introduce significant changes in the consumption of natural resources,  reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions , introducing changes towards  more sustainable mobility , promoting the  consumption of proximity foods  and promoting economic decline in some areas of the planet.

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