BEST BRANDS OF SOLAR PANELS 2019 : Types of solar panels

There are many brands of panels on the market but which are the best brands of solar panels . If you buy solar panels, probably most of the brands are unknown to you.

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Today there are hundreds of solar panels on the market making it difficult to choose a quality panel that offers an optimal response over the estimated 25 years of life for a solar installation.

In this article we will discover the manufacturers with the highest quality solar panels and who use the latest technology in solar cells to develop the most efficient, reliable solar panels with greater guarantees of production and durability.

BEST BRANDS OF SOLAR PANELS 2019 : Types of solar panels


From the Guide of solar panels, we advise companies and individuals in the daily purchase of solar panels. This gives us a good impression of what are the best brands of solar panels. We make a distinction between:

  • 10  best brands A
  • 10  good brands of china.

We have examined:

  • Reputation
  • Results of international tests
  • Power of the panels.

Important when buying

The following factors are important when buying solar panels:

  • good solar panels
  • Good installer for  home  or  projects.
  • good  inverse

The best brands of solar panels.


Most solar panels today come from China. The best solar panels usually come from manufacturers in other countries.

Below we have listed some of the brands A.  These brands are distinguished by high performance and good quality.

These brands often exist for a long time and, therefore, have a good reputation to defend. You can also go to them for the guarantee.

The best brands include:

The brandInstallers
AEGBonGo Solar
First solar
LGEnergie Wonen  ,  Feenstra  ,  Solar NRG
PanasonicEnergy Living  ,  Solar NRG  ,  With The Sun.
REC Solar
REC Solar
Solar World
SunPowerThe Zonnefabriek

Good brands from China

Most solar panels today come from China. And the quality of these panels has increased a lot in the last ten years.

The quality of Chinese panels unfortunately remains very variable. Today, the best Chinese brands can easily compete with manufacturers outside of China. And that often also has a favorable price.

Research by large American banks.

The big American banks are investing more and more in solar parks. They have done extensive research on the quality of the panels in which they invest. In doing so, they also observe the quality of the panels and the strength of the manufacturers.

The manufacturers that meet these requirements are the so-called ‘banking’ solar panels.

Now there is a list of manufacturers that meet the strict requirements of American banks. The following ten common brands are listed in this list.

  • BYD
  • Canadian Solar
  • Yes solar
  • Solar Jinko
  • Longi
  • Phono solar
  •  Solar Frontier
  • Solar energy
  • Talesun
  • Trina
  • Yingli

These are reliable manufacturers with good quality solar panels.

Tests carried out by the German TÜV and the photon.


There are two institutes that test solar panels in Germany, TÜV and Photon. Another interesting organization is the   photovoltaic register  in Belgium, which controls the results of thousands of solar panels in real time.

The performance of solar panels is mainly tested.

Photon test

These tests mainly check whether the performance corresponds to the performance declared by the manufacturer.

The German company Photon has  tested  the  performance of 130 different solar panels  . This test says little about the quality of the materials and the useful life

Important features

Lifetime and warranty

The useful life of solar panels is one of the most important quality aspects of a good solar panel. A good solar panel can last at least 25 years.

Poor quality solar panels can break down much earlier. We know enough stories about solar panels that did not work well after 10 years. And a story of a solar panel that is already oxidized after 3 years.

The solar panels are on their roof and, therefore, must be resistant to the Dutch climate and wind. Otherwise, you may have problems with delamination or moisture problems. Therefore, always choose a brand of high quality solar panels.

Some common problems

Below you can see  some common problems with defective solar panels  .

Delamination (air accumulation)



Product and performance guarantee.

Most solar panels come with a 10-year product warranty and the so-called 25-year performance guarantee. That is a guarantee that the solar panel will actually last 10 years, throughout its useful life.

You can then claim this from your installer and manufacturer. Then it is important that it still exists.

In addition, solar panels also have a performance guarantee. This is not a guarantee that a solar panel will last for 25 years. But this is a guarantee that if the solar panel has a useful life of 25 years, the performance will still deliver at least 80% of the original capacity. The performance of solar panels decreases very slowly.

Most panels are made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon. The performance of this type of panel is between 80 and 90% of the original capacity after 25 years.


Another important part of solar panels is the maximum power of solar panels. This is expressed in Wp (Watt peak).

Most of the solar panels on the market currently have a capacity between 260 and 280 Wp. Some manufacturers also supply solar panels with a capacity of 300 to even 350 Wp.

These are available in, among others, Panasonic, LG and BenQ. The price of these solar panels is considerably higher and that is the reason why they do not sell as much.

Color and type

Currently there are three types of solar panels on the market.

Black solar panels


Black solar panels of the monocrystalline silicon type are the most used.

These panels combine a beautiful appearance with a good quality / price ratio.

These panels are installed in particular on sloping roofs where the solar panels are visible.

Dark blue with aluminum edge.

Polycrystalline solar panels are often placed on flat roofs. These are dark blue solar panels with an aluminum rim. These are slightly cheaper than monocrystalline solar panels, but they also look a little less attractive.

Black thin film panels

The third type of solar panels are thin film panels. These are flexible and flexible and, therefore, can be made to measure. For example, they are often used with solar panels that are  integrated into the roof  .

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