The use of solar energy has become increasingly popular in the world below, we will analyze the advantages of solar energy , this popularity is based on environmental awareness and saving money on public service tickets.


It is convenient to know the benefits of the use of renewable energies, since it is the best way to raise awareness among citizens. There are geographical areas that due to their climate, a lot of solar irradiation, are areas that have optimal conditions to enjoy the advantages of  solar energy  in its three technologies:


As with any other renewable source, the main  advantages  of solar energy are that it  is a clean resource , that is, respectful of the environment, and  inexhaustible , since its raw material is the Sun.

Photovoltaic solar energy produces electricity; solar heating is used to produce heat for cooking,  sanitary hot water  or heating; and the thermoelectric to generate electricity and heat generation, mainly for industrial processes.

In countries such as Spain, which are not self-sufficient in terms of energy, having their own sources, such as solar energy, is strategic because it  reduces the need to import fossil fuels , such as oil or gas.

Being less dependent on these imported energy sources means a very important economic saving and, also, a significant reduction of polluting emissions. There are even experts who say that renewable energy, including solar energy, could completely replace the use of fossil fuels in our country.

But, in a domestic environment, few people know that  solar installations require very little maintenance and are very reliable and durable .

For example, the guarantee of the production of  solar panels  is 25 years, with a useful life of around 35 years, with adequate maintenance. These residential facilities do not produce waste, residues, smoke or odors and are practically invisible, since they can be placed on the roof.

Energy for disadvantaged and isolated areas

In rural and isolated areas, for example, photovoltaic solar energy can provide electricity to a community or a single dwelling, and  solar thermal energy provides  sanitary hot water  and heating.

Therefore,  solar energy  is a very suitable system for developing countries.

It is estimated that approximately 40% of the solar collectors installed in the world are located in China. The energy they generate allows supplying hot water to 10 million families, which means a saving of 6.3 million tons of coal per year, or what is the same, avoid the emission of more than 13 million tons of CO2!

As solar energy is gaining competitiveness, thanks to technological advances and the improvement of production processes, it will add to its advantages to be equal or cheaper than fossil fuels, but free of its drawbacks.

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Benefits of solar energy: Reumen

Electricity from solar panels is a form of green and renewable energy that does not emit CO  2 or other pollutants. A normal solar installation for a home can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 2 tons per year, which means more than 40 tons for the entire life cycle.

Sunlight is free, so once the initial investment is paid, your annual electricity costs will be reduced considerably. In several European countries, governments provide support for the generated solar energy, even if you use it yourself.

Why invest in your own solar installation?

A solar photovoltaic installation is your own source of green energy.
Your long-term electricity costs are decreasing.
Either you receive a payment for the electricity you generate or use less electricity from the network. In some countries both. 

This reduces your electricity bill and can even generate income in some countries.

By using 100% green electricity, it helps reduce CO 2 emissions   .
Solar installations last a lifetime. It requires very little maintenance and has a lifespan of more than 40 years.
Solar panels do not make noise and can be visually discrete.
A solar installation can increase the value of your property and improve your energy efficiency rating.


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