In this article we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy

One sees windmills as a clean way of generating energy, the other finds them too expensive and doubts if they will ever produce enough energy. 


We are happy to list the facts for you. Then, you can judge for yourself if the benefits of wind power outweigh the disadvantages.



What are the benefits of wind energy?

There are many reasons to invest in wind energy. The defenders of this form of alternative energy point out, among other things, the following advantages:

  • Windmills do not produce CO2. The change to wind energy, therefore, helps to combat climate change.
  • By being at the forefront of the development of ever better wind turbines, the Netherlands can create a new export sector for themselves.
  • Wind energy never runs out.

What are the disadvantages of wind energy?

Opponents are not impressed by the benefits of wind power. They point out, among other things, the following disadvantages:

  • Wind energy costs more than the energy of fossil fuels. (“Windmills do not work with wind, but with subsidy”.)
  • Windmills are not reliable (because they are not always windy) and provide relatively little energy.
  • Windmills pollute the horizon and cause noise pollution.

What can be done about the disadvantages of wind turbines?

The developments do not stop. Let’s look at the objections:

  • Wind energy is still relatively expensive at the moment, but it will not always remain that way. Some of the larger windmills can already compete with gray energy, as long as they are in a windy place. If wind turbines are manufactured in large quantities, the price will go down.
  • We are gaining more and more experience with wind turbines and we continue to improve the technology. As a result, each new windmill model delivers more and more energy than older models. We expect a lot from wind turbines in the sea, because the wind is almost always strong there.
  • Much can be done about the discomfort caused by wind turbines due to regulations. For example, wind turbines must comply with strict noise standards, which means that, in practice, they are generally not more than 400 meters from the houses. Apart from that, modern wind turbines are much quieter than previous models.

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