The solar panels are usodomestico   are becoming more popular once people entered, this is due to the decrease in the price of solar energy and increased environmental awareness.


Solar panels for domestic use have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the utility that you want to give and the consumption that must cover.

Self-installing solar panels: Advantages and disadvantages 

If you want to be part of the people who take advantage of solar energy and want to know how you can install your own solar panel, since we want to promote independence and wisdom along with renewable energy, we are talking about following the  solar panels ready to be installed .

What are the advantages of solar panels?

Before we begin to see the  solar panels ready to be installed  or to see how a domestic solar panel can be made, let’s look at the main  advantages  offered by this method of supply.


The  solar panels  have great  benefits,  both economic and environmental benefits for the direct users. Here are some   more important benefits of solar panels for the house:

Supply available

Solar panels are a system of energy supply that takes advantage of the sun’s energy and, therefore, is an almost eternal energy, at least until the sun continues to function properly. It is difficult to imagine another type of energy as powerful and renewable as the energy of the star that illuminates us.

Clean system

The solar panels are very  quiet and very clean . In addition, it does not pollute, does not emit any type of toxic gases in its operation. It is a much cleaner supply method than nuclear energy, and still much cleaner than fossil fuels.

Save energy

They save a lot of energy , saving money at the end of the month. More and more people are betting on solar panels as a method of supplying alternate or secondary energy, to save a pinch on the bill at the end of the month.

Self-supply of energy

Solar panels allow self-sufficiency and reduce the energy dependence of citizens. In recent years many people have been encouraged to install their own home solar systems and that with them can save a significant pinch in the bill of light. In addition, these solar panels are ready to use for 30 years, which can be amortized long before.


Relatively simple installation

Only a simple and simple work is needed  . Solar panels are usually prepared for installation and is the company itself. home solar panels.



The maintenance of these solar panels does not require much time. Of course, you have to be careful with the panels that are kept in good condition, dirt and bumps or scratches that can reduce your performance by up to 35%.

Other benefits

After an initial investment, in a few years the money invested will be amortized.

It allows the  supply of continuous renewable energy , whether there is sun or no sun.

On the other hand, we must not forget that renewable energies are increasingly important and that many companies are already betting on this type of energy that goes hand in hand with  sustainable development .

It is therefore a sector that still has many possibilities to develop, despite the regulations in force in many countries.

They do not produce toxic waste

Finally, it should be noted that the Solar Panels  are not waste produced , it is feasible, son A clean energy at the time of production (no polluting gases EMIT an atmosphere)

AND DOES NOT HAVE THE PROBLEM OF WASTE STORAGE. Considering how the landfills of the planet are and the potential of the waste from other industries, it is a very important advantage.

It is evident that these panels have an added cost but the truth is that we have highlighted among the benefits. After the first investment we can save in the long term in the consumption of electricity.

The manufacturers assure that the solar panels can be amortized in a term of 7 years, and that they have around 25 years of life.

Requirements for solar panels

Before requesting a budget, however, it is advisable to  evaluate the presence of some  basic requirements for the installation of photovoltaic panels:


  • In the first place, it is essential to  own the area or the roof  over which the installation is seen or to have the permission of the owner;
  • It is necessary to  have a roof tilted to the south;
  • It is important  that there is no shading on the roof  and that it is sunny all day;
  • It is also essential to  assess the presence of restrictions in  particular or particular areas : request information about your municipality of residence.

Once you have evaluated these conditions, you can continue with the installation of the solar panels. Obviously, if you do not have much idea, it is better that you have in the account that can be better than the opportunity to carry out a company, but the truth is that in the market, we can find solar panels to install ourselves, such and as we will see Continue with the alternatives that we are going to give you.

How is the installation of solar panels?

If you decide to place those panels that we are going to see yourself, we must first tell you that the installation of solar panels or photovoltaic panels is  an operation that requires several stages.

First, the requirements indicated above must be met, in addition to all the necessary material for the placement of the  plates or panels that are related to each other and  the wiring diagram.

In the assembly,  follow the instructions  that you have or you may have access to a technical assistance for any type of maintenance of the plates: from the control of the electrical connections to the immediate intervention for the damages due to atmospheric agents.

Do I need a permit to install solar panels?

Before installing solar panels you should also know if you have permission at the municipal level. You should always ask for the standard,  the  panels are removable, do not require any authorization  town.

If, on the other hand, the panels are fixed on the roof of the house, in most cases they will need a simple prior communication to the municipality’s technical office.

For small domestic installations, in general, permits are not a problem.  In the plants built in a condominium but with the service of individual users there is no type of municipal authorization, but only the same building.


Advice when installing solar panels in your home

Solar panels are not too complicated to assemble, although they do require some prior knowledge.

In any glass, if you can not install the  solar panels  by yourself, you can always seek the help of professionals. What we can offer you is a series of keys and tips:


Evaluate the trio

The first advice we can give you is, first of all, evaluate the area. That is, you must take into account the orography of the land and, above all, the  climate .

It goes without saying that solar panels produce more energy the more they are affected by the  sun’s rays . Do you live in a sunny area? Why do not you spend most of your time in a home located in a temperate and rainy climate? Take into account all these factors to determine if it is convenient to install solar panels in your house.

Orient solar panels correctly

On the other hand, solar panels should be  oriented correctly , in the same way as sunlight for as long as possible. This includes orientations in the right direction and with the proper inclination.

In addition, you should avoid all elements that may hinder the reception of solar rays by panels, such as trees.

Control the energy you spend

It is also very important that you have a clear notion of the  amount of energy you consume in your home , in order to know the amount of solar panels that you must install to get the extra energy you need.

To do this, you must also know the amount of radiation that exists in the area where you want to install the solar panels and the capacity of these.


Keep in mind that even if you install solar panels, whether they are part of a professional or home-made company, we should not cancel or renounce your usual energy supplier since in many cases the solar panels provide an  “extra” energy , that is, a short-term investment to save medium and long term on your usual energy bill.

Keep the solar panels clean

Finally, remember that it is necessary to  maintain the solar panels , although it is not excessively complicated. In principle, it suffices that you understand all those that work correctly.

Sometimes, solar panels can break due to hail, for example, or get dirty due to bird droppings. A dirty solar panel loses approximately 40% of its performance.

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